SARTI have maintained a great newsletter called “Footsteps” to keep everyone informed. This has worked very well for the past 20 years, being published 3 to 4 times a year.

Originally it was publishes as a PDF newsletter, and as the mailing list grew, so did the maintenance issues with running a mailing list.

More recently, since May 2014 we have used MailChimp as our newsletter delivery system, and recipients are encouraged to manage thier own changes to address etc., or to be added or removed from the list. using MailChimp has also given us some statistics on how many people receive the newsletter.

In 2022 to recognise that SARTI has grown from it’s main focus of building the Lavender Walking Trail, and now incorporating the Lavender Cycling Trail (M2C) to now being a very successful trail builder and advisory group, the newsletter name will change too.

“Footsteps” will become “Footsteps & Pedals” in recognition of the Goals of SARTI to support ‘Multi Purpose Trails’.

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For Older PDF newsletters go to the Lavender Federation Trail